Doctor Doctor, gimme the news...

This is the Golden Age Dr. Fate from DC Universe Classics. Dr. Fate has always been a favorite character of mine, so I am glad to have him from DCUC and hope someday to complete the entire old school JSA. Sadly that won't be easy or inexpensive. Wildcat was near impossible to find in stores, and Green Lantern and Hourman are Walmart exclusives, so I can probably forget about ever seeing them at retail too. Starman has also thus far eluded me as well.

Even Dr. Fate here was tough to find, I think I only saw him once in stores. He was also released in a variant 'modern' version but I don't care about that one. Which is good because I never saw that version either.

Dr. Fate is a very basic figure but that's due to the simplicity of his Golden Age design. He looks exactly like he should.

Fate's right hand is sculpted open so he can cast spells and do whatever other things Fate does.

Dr. Fate even came with an electrically charged ankh that fits into his outstretched right hand for more mystical fun!


  1. I like Dr.Fate too and i have seen both Green Lantern and Hourman recently but i would have to go back and see if there still if there still at my Wal-Mart but no Wildcat anywhere.

  2. I have always LOVED the costume. Something about yellow and blue together anyway but this shade combo is the best....

    Is The Hourman the same one that K*B had on clearance as they were closing?!?!?