I've got yer Hot Rod right here!

A little more birthday money was spent on the Toys R Us exclusive 'Transformers Animated 'Rodimus Minor' - F(*k you lawyers - from here on out he'll be known by his proper name: Hot Rod!
The Transformers Animated toyline has started pumping out some awesome toys, sadly most are hitting at the end here. Hot Rod, like Arcee before him, are exclusive to Toys R Us (and Toys R Us Express stores, where I found mine) so they are a little tough to come by.

He also cost close to $20, which is pretty steep for a Transformer his size, but well worth it to get this character in this style.

Hot Rod has an excellent, immediately recognizable robot mode and in true modern Transformer fashion he's as poseable and articulated as most modern action figures...

...unlike his stiff-as-a-board counterpart - still one of my favorite Transformers ever.

TFA Hot Rod's vehicle mode is pretty nice too - a great animated/modern take on the classic G1 Hot Rod.

It's also cool that the proportions/size of the vehicles are almost exactly the same.

Vroom vroom.

Due to my love of Hot Rod, this new take was a must have for me. But any Transformer lover would be keen to have him. He's a great new take on a classic character and makes a very good looking robot and vehicle. His transformation isn't overly simple nor is it overly complicated either.

Hot Rod rocks.


  1. Yes he does! I just picked one up too, but haven't had the chance to crack him open!

  2. Very Nice Bubba am wanting a Soundwave from this line myself. : )