LEGO Goodwill Find :: Traitor Transport

I made a great LEGO discovery at the Goodwill this weekend by getting my hands on this bag of 'LEGO Misc.'

You never can tell all of what you are getting in these types of bags, but there was enough good stuff visible to make it worth way more than the asking price of four bucks and twenty nine cents!

The bag turned out to include the entire LEGO set 6047 Traitor Transport (including instructions!)

This is a fun medieval set with a creepy prisoner transport cage. But what makes the set even more wonderful is...

...Basil the Bat Lord! I have wanted this minifigure for years due to his Knight/Batman look. I plan on using that helmet to make me a Medieval Batman minifigure.

The set also comes with this sweet dragon! I just love LEGO large figures and creatures, so it's great to finally add a dragon to my collection.

In addition to the complete Traitor Transport, the bag also had a complete moon rover in it's box, as well as these minifigures (dig that crazy red mask on the right!) and a bunch of other pieces that include spaceship parts, police car parts and some construction vehicle pieces.

Some of the traitor transport pieces are discolored due to age or sun or whatever, but none of them are terrible and all the minifigures are in excellent shape. Not a bad haul for under five bucks!


  1. Dang! Awesome score man. I really wish we had some Goodwill stores in my area. The hospice stores don't carry squat.

    1. I'm rarely lucky at my local Goodwill when it comes to toys, so this was a nice surprise.

  2. Bingo!I haven't had the pleasure of walking into a Goodwill and finding anything toy related ,yet.I have walked out with used video games and a 70's suit for a themed new years party ;)

  3. I'm jealous of your Basil!I love his bat helm, and I would love to find him one day.
    However, I do have the other Fright Knights antagonist, the Witch. I got her dress piece in a garage sale bag of LEGO and then a few years later, I got her upper body, including her cape, from a bucket sold at a local fair!
    Since I love witches, she's a really special minifigure to me, and I'm even more surprised that I found a complete minifigure from two different sales!

    1. I have her head/hat, but not the rest of her. It is awesome to find a complete figure over multiple scores!

  4. love, Love, LOVE finding LEGO lots at Goodwill! You never know what's going to be included.