Pomplamoose and the Richmond Book Drive

I've posted about Pomplamoose before. I heart them. Deal with it.

Pomplamoose currently has a Christmas Album that you can get just by doing a good deed! Donate a book to richmondbookdrive.com and you will get some free Pomplamoose Christmas songs!

As of December 19th people have donated over $60,000 worth of books to the Richmond Book Drive! Awesome!

Christmas songs can get, how shall I say it, repetitive. But Pomplamoose is timeless! So rest assured you will never tire of these classics when delivered by the awesome Pomplamoose. Plus you can feel good about donating a book to a school. That's what Christmas is all about, right? Well, not specifically about books and school, but about giving - so do it! Santa is watching!


  1. I see these guys in a commerical on TV for something but for the life of me i can not remember what it was now.

  2. They did a couple Hyundai commercials recently, jboy.

  3. Ah that is what it was then Bubba thanks. : )