You Will Believe a Woman Can Fly

Similar to my weekly 'Harley Qwednesdays', over at HeroPress is a semi-regular feature called Supergirl Sundays.

The absolute highlight of today's gallery of cosplay Supergirls was this image:

I'm pretty sure this layout was part of an existing Supergirl comic, or maybe it's just so iconic that it feels like it should have been. In fact, when I first saw the thumbnail I thought maybe it was some Alex Ross-esque art and had to look at it closer to see that it is in fact a real person.

This image is absolutely beautiful. Majestic and realistic. I love it.

You can see more of this Supergirl and other character cosplay at dangerousladies on deviantArt, including this one, which again is pure brilliance:

Cosplay is fun to observe, but when someone can actually turn their cosplay into a 'story' it reaches a whole other level.

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1 comment:

  1. An awesome costume + a talented photographer = an out of this world picture.

    Oh, not forgetting a hot chick.