Taken down by a twenty cent Tygra!

Alright, I'm an honest chap. So I have to admit I failed Meany B's stupid 28 Day Challenge yesterday.

I tried, I really really tried not to buy any toys for the whole month of February. But when I spotted this original Thundercat Tygra from 1985 at the swap meet, and the girl selling him said she'd take a quarter, I looked all around and couldn't see my girlfriend anywhere - you know, so she could buy him for me and I could stay true and honest to Chunky B's Challenge. Loophole? Maybe, but whatever.

I then dug in my pocket (an automatic reflex when at the swap meet) and dug out all my money - a dime and two nickels.

The chance to own a cheap Tygra AND haggle five cents off the asking price was just too much for my weak soul to bear. I asked if she'd take twenty cents for him and she said yes.

Totally worth it.

Tygra has a switch on his back that allows him to scratch the eyes out of his enemies. Or 'Seig Heil'. I'm not entirely sure of his political leanings, to be honest. He has a couple spots of paint wear but is otherwise in pretty good condition for a 25 year old Thundercat. And with an all new Thundercat cartoon and toyline coming soon, I'm glad to have one more original cat to add to my collection (the only other one I own being Panthro.)

Maybe I'll see if I can make it the rest of the month without buying another toy. I mean, I did only spend twenty cents - I should get some sort of pass or something! People lose more than twenty cents worth of change every time they sit on their couches, it's not like I bought a Shogun Warriors Stormtrooper or anything!

And besides, my most needed toy of the past couple weeks is already in my hands, but more on that tomorrow. Stay tuned, Toyruffians!


  1. Ha Ha :D
    That was totally worth it- pass granted by the Super-DuperToyBox, for sure!

  2. Pass granted by me too. I would personally send you the twenty cents so you can pretend I gave you Tygra as a present.

  3. Looks like that's the young version of Tygra, I think, or its the old, I get them mixed up. Mine has his hair slicked back like Hugh Beaumont.

  4. Thanks SDTB and Freak - I guess we'll have to wait and see what Chunky B says though ;)

    Interesting, Dan - I didn't even know there was a young and old version of Tygra - but after a quick google mine appears to be the young Tygra. Neat!

  5. All bets are off when it comes to twenty five cent Thundercats. : )

  6. Going to a swap meet when you are trying to avoid buying toys is like an alcoholic going to a bar. What did you expect?

    That said, you got a heck of a deal, and I for one can give you a pass.

  7. Haha it's so true Bill!

    My name is Bubba, and I am a toyaholic.