Gargoyles just wanna have fun

I didn't follow Gargoyles when it first aired. I saw it as a Disneyfication of Batman: The Animated Series, which it was clearly inspired by. But over the years I have caught enough of it to enjoy it on it's own merits and to realize that it was in fact a pretty cool cartoon.

Of course by the time I came upon that realization, the toys had long since passed from the toy store shelves. And rarely do I find them complete at the swap meet, since so many kids have an uncanny compulsion to remove the wings from winged toys. And belts from ninja turtles. And capes from Batmen. And pants from dollies. You get the picture.

Sufficed to say, it is difficult to find these things in any condition worth buying.

Of course that issue is solved when dealing with the one Gargoyle who has no wings; Bronx!

I found Bronx at my favorite downtown Santa Cruz thrift store. He cost me about fifty cents. And I did see his 'accessory' at the same time - but did not recognize it for what it was, so I left it behind! When I later looked this guy up online and realized what I had done, I went back to see if the piece was there, for completionist sake, but no dice. Oh well, it was a lame accessory and certainly not cartoon canon, so I will be happy with Bronx alone.

Bronx is a tough badass looking dude, and looks awesome on any toy shelf, or any shelf for that matter!

He has an action figure that takes nothing away from his sculpt. When you pull back one of his back legs, his mouth opens for bad-guy chomping fun!

"Feed Me!"


  1. that's great how the mouth opens! i remember that cartoon vaugely... did the leader have a somber, low voice?

  2. Great looking toy! And i used to love watching the cartoon in reruns it was a great show. : )

  3. Gargoyles was an excellent cartoon. I wish they'd show it again instead of that stupid Hannah's Sweet Life of Waverly 101.

  4. Gargoyles always hit me as Batman meets Ninja Turtles. But it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!