I am BANE!!!!

"What villain did you say is going to be in my next move? Bane? BANE?! HAHA! No way! That juice-headed lummox from the Batdebacle known as Schumacher's List (of Crappy Things No One Likes Except Schumacher, Like Men's Nipples)...I mean 'Batman & Robin?' That Bane? I'm surprised he was able to take the time out from his busy GNC commercial work to get to the casting call, let alone...huh? What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"...he's behind me, isn't he?"

Batman's opinion notwithstanding, I have liked the character of Bane from the very start, when first introduced with little fanfare and even less foreshadowing of things to come in the one-shot 'Vengeance of Bane.'

Which is why I hated his appearance in Batman and Robin. Which in turn is why I never before noticed this pretty cool, comic accurate Bane action figure, which was released in 1997 as part of the Batman and Robin movie action figure toyline.

I picked this Bane up from eBay for $3 plus shipping. He was mint on card, but I tore him open right away. He's in the 5" scale, but also works as a larger guy against the 4" movie Batman (shown in the first picture, talking smack about Bane.)

I also figure he'll look great with the upcoming Young Justice action figures if 1) I end up getting any and 2) they don't make a Bane for that toyline. He did appear in one episode of the cartoon so I imagine it's possible, but who knows.

And finally, since it's extremely unlikely that I will build the Collect and Connect Bane from the most recent DC Universe Classics release because 1) Mattel and 2) see #1, this guy will have to serve as my Bane fix for a while. At least until The Dark Knight Rises Bane action figure comes out! Can I get a 'Hell yes!'?

The fact that they went with a comicbook Bane for this toyline is interesting, considering how different the movie version of Bane ended up looking. Actually, none of the toys released for this movie look much like their movie counterparts. Not sure how/why that happened, since the movie was clearly aimed at slower-than-average first graders, which would have made movie accurate toys a sure thing. No, sorry, that's who wrote and directed the movie. Who knows who the audience was intended to be!

Looking back, the fact that these toys look little to nothing like the movie makes at least a few of these worth a second glance. Plus they are all pretty cheap and easy to come by. Unlike most DC comic themed toys on 'shelves' now.

Even Bane's accessories are not too terribly lame, all things considered. I mean at least they aren't neon pink! They are brutal 'metallic' bladed weapons, which are always fun for kids of all ages.

Bane of course also comes with his venom delivery tube which easily plugs into the back of his head and clips to his wrist for muscle growing rage inducing genital shrinking and home run record setting steroid fun!

Bane is a simpler action figure from a simpler time. Which means he has five points of articulation. It also means Bane's ankles wont buckle, his knees aren't warped and his hands don't snap off when hit by a mild summer breeze. Ahh the good old days.


  1. Wow. The fact that Bane escaped the neonization of 90s toys is pretty impressive. I'm really surprised by how well that figure looks. Nice one BS!

    Btw: What about the Arkham Asylum Bane? Any plans to get him?

  2. Onigaijan, that Bane is a bit too stylized for my tastes. I like my Bane to be a more 'realistic' muscle-bound luchador. I do have the DCSH Bane and the Batman Animated Bane (which is a great toy) but have skipped most other Bane toys.

  3. lol, yes, the luchador look is classic, and i totally understand the appeal of this version. Honestly though, they're all good...one of the few characters I think I can say that about. DCSH Bane is awesome btw!

  4. Not a bad looking figure of Bane at all Bubba plus for what you paid for him you got a sweet deal i think. : )