Stretchy Octopussy

Everyone has heard of the malleably macho Stretch Armstrong. But do you recall the least famous stretchy cephalopod of all?

That's right, I'm talking about the one, the only (unless you count them both) Stretch Octopus!

My sister and I had these - obviously I had Ollie and she had Olivia. Because I don't play with pink octopi or dollies!

These octopussusses were awesome. Mine eventually fell apart and the toxic goo inside began to leak out so my mom threw Ollie away. Who knows what happened to Olivia, my sister probably doesn't even remember owning one. She doesn't share my Rain-Man like ability to recall every single toy I have ever owned.

However I can only assume someone at Pixar also remembers these guys, because the character Stretch from Toy Story 3 was clearly inspired by them.

Anyways, I bring these guys up today because I recently discovered this:

A stretchy Scooby-Doo! Brian A of Yesterville already has one and he says it's just like the old-school stretchy toys we all grew up with. I haven't spotted him in person yet but I have seen him online, so I don't know if I can resist him if and when I do see him on the shelf...but probably not. He's just too cool and really hits that nostalgia button!

*Stretch Octopus pics via Plaid Stallions


  1. I always wanted a Stretch Octopus, as I always thought it would make an excellent Alien Facehugger.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Bubbashelby. If you liked the old vintage Stretch toys, you'll like Scooby. He's just like them. My only gripe is the bones that are painted on him. I wish they still sold the "boneless" version. I think that may have been sold in the UK, exclusively.

  3. I used to have a Stretch Armstrong as a youngster and i got curious about his insides one day so i cut him open to see and all of his goo begin to spill out so in a panic i hid him in a box of X-Mas lights only to be discovered a year later by my very angry grandparents and yes the lights were ruined lol.