Brave and the Bold back at McDonald's!

The next McDonald's Happy Meal Promo is none other than (another) Batman: The Brave and the Bold toy set!

Apparently there will be 8 sets, with each set including three toys! Nice! They look pretty simple and small but let's face it - they also look like a lot of fun!

Seriously, this is one neat looking pile of toys. Plastic Man as a car? Must have! Bat-Mite? Another must have! And - could it be? Do mine eyes decieveth me? After all these years of being told by Mattel that the Spectre is too scary a character for a kid's toy, McDonald's finally pulls the trigger??!?! Well if the fast food doesn't kill you I suppose the fright from such a scary toy will, right?

Word on the streets is that these will hit McDonald's on April 29th, which means if I go to my local McDonald's on April 29th I'll get stuck with a dumb leftover Rio toy. But whatever, I will have them all eventually!


  1. If this come over my region, I will look out for it too. LOL

  2. Well, I saved belt space from the Rio toys, now its time to load up again! :)

  3. These better come around here or i will make a killing at the local McDo! Ahahahhaa

  4. The last time McDonalds had Young Justice figures I couldn't get a hold of any good ones. I'm sick of driving to every McDonalds for these damn things lol. They look great though! I like the black Batman and earth 2 Robin!?!?

  5. Never. EVER, in my life did I ever think I would see Bat Mite as a Happy Meal toy. Let alone a Plastic Man car!

    Viva nowadays, and my regrets to younger me, who would have loved this stuff (I still love it, I just mean I would have loved knowing the stuff I loved was "mainstream", back in the day)!