Harley Qwednesday :: Lego my Harley Quinn!

I'm not a huge Lego fan. I like them, it's fun to build stuff and all, but I prefer to free-form my Lego creations, yet so many sets nowadays are one-build-only.

I really like the mini-figures however. They are like tiny action figures, and their themes help dictate what one does build. Sadly some of the best mini-figures are from one-build-only sets, like the many Batman themed mini figures. And most of those sets are expensive, especially on the secondary market.

Which brought me to eBay recently, where I found myself needing to get a hold of a Harley Quinn Lego mini-figure, who was released as part of a larger one-build-only set a few years back.

Obviously there's some way to get a bazillion of these and list the hell out of them on eBay, because they are all over the place, with the same seller listing multiples and immediately listing more when they sell. But the idiots who bid on them don't realize the concept of supply and demand or simply don't care, because instead of us all bidding once on each of the hundreds of Harleys starting at .99, every one I bid on had some schmoe or multiples of schmoes jump onto my bandwagon and rack up the bids! This literally happened for weeks!

Now I loves me some Harley Quinn, but I hates me some overspending on little pieces of plastic. A guy's gotta be realistic in this madcap hobby, you know?

So I set my top bid (many times) and set my patience (many times) and finally I landed one for under five bucks. Not too bad, still a little higher than I would have liked to pay, but this one had pretty cheap shipping too so that helped salve the sting.

So now I await the arrival of my little Harley Quinn Lego mini-figure. When she arrives, I'll have to build something awesome for her!


  1. Nice Bubba i didn't even know they made a Lego figure of her.

  2. damn Bro- you know how 2 find a bargain!