He's a Kryptonite Hearted Snake...

No, this isn't the Governator. This is John Corbin aka Metallo!

Metallo is a man who was given a new lease on life, a metal skeleton, and a 'heart' of Kryptonite to power said metallic skeleton. Of course, no one in Gotham City or Star City or even Culver City would think to put a Kryptonite power battery inside a metal man, but in Metropolis this kind of thing is likely to happen on any day that ends in a 'y.'

This action figure represents Metallo as he appeared in Superman: The Animated Series. The toy first appeared in 1998 and came with a hover-bike accessory, hence his wide stance and 'motorcycle grip' of the hands. He was later released in a Toys R Us exclusive four pack. You can easily distinguish that this figure came from the four pack, due to the color of his pants.

The best part of this figure is his action feature: when you push in a lever on his back, a panel opens up on his chest to reveal his Kryptonite heart! Stand back, Supey! Wouldn't want you to get queasy!

He's pretty Terminator-y of course, which adds to the neato factor of this figure.

"Two-Face ain't got nothin' on me! Except maybe a full shirt."

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