Let Them Eat Cake

A couple months ago I posted about some Teen Titans figures I picked up from the swap meet for my daughter's birthday. I ended up using most of them as cake decorations for her birthday cake.

She had originally asked for a superhero themed birthday cake, and closer to her birthday began to want a beach theme for her party. So naturally I decided to combine the two and have a Superhero beach day cake!

Raven and Terra are having a dispute about umbrella placement.

Of course you can't have a bunch of teens at the beach alone, there has got to be adult supervision. In this case, a few JSA members are along for the ride.

Jay Garrick Flash, Wildcat and Wonder Woman will keep these teens in line! Of course Wildcat is content just playing ball at the shoreline.

And Wonder Woman might need a quick nap first.

Red X Robin and The Flash are checking out a cool starfish, or playing catch with Red X's shuriken.

And while Cyborg enjoys a little boat ride, terror strikes in the form of Trident! Can't these kids ever get a day off?


  1. What a cool cake! and tasty i bet too. : )

  2. Great!! I bet she loved that :) GOOD DAD!

  3. What a good Dad you are! Very impressive.