Load-o Lego

A couple years back a co-worker gave me a huge bin of Legos that she had used while she was a teacher. There are a ton of mini-figures in it, mostly pirates, knights, racecar drivers and some Sherwood Forest chaps. My kids have played with them all this time, and the other day I decided to get all heads, arms, hands and legs to match back up and see what kind of mini army I have. No small feat, I tell you!

Also, my Sumo Wrestler (minus his hair - my daughter uses it on one of her girl pirates!) mini-figure can be seen at bottom left - I won him from Dan's Toy Museum a few weeks (months?) back and haven't blogged about him yet! I'm a baaaaaad blogger!

But I'll get to him soon; today's post is Lego and tomorrow's post is Lego, so I now declare this whole week to be Lego Week here at Toyriffic!

Stay tuned!


  1. Thats a pretty cool picture actually Bubba almost like something you would see as a puzzle.

  2. Yes! Lego Week! This is going to be sweet!