Harley Qwednesday :: Goonapalooza

I hadn't owned my Lego Harley Quinn for more than a couple days when what do I spot at Toys R Us but a little Jester/stage mini set from the medieval themed 'Kingdoms' line.

Upon spotting it, my first thought was that the jester would make an excellent goon for the Clown Princess of Crime!

The second thought I had was that the Jester's body would double as a nice spring outfit for Harley. Of course this means that, for all intents and purposes, I removed their pants. Which pushes these Lego mini-figures dangerously close to dolly territory!

The Jester's head has a sad face on the other side - perfect for when he realizes his love for Harley Quinn will always go unrequited. Or for when he realizes he's a dolly lover.


  1. I'm sick of companies saving money by just reusing the same basic body with slightly different paint variations.

    Okay....I kid. Very neat figure you got there.

  2. Haha true - Mattel ain't got nothing on Lego, Clark!