No, seriously, this is NOT the droid you are looking for...

I'm a toy manufacturer in the late seventies, and I'm about to rip off the most successful summer sci-fi flick ever right as a sequel, which is almost certainly destined to be as successful if not moreso, is about to hit theatres. I'm going to be real sly about it though. I'm going to call my toy 'Star-2!' No one will see through that thin veil unless they are a Jedi, I mean a Jed-eye, and wield the awesome power of the force, I mean the powre of the foress!

This is 'Star-2, the Lovable Teaching Robot.' Star-2 was manufactured in 1980 as far as I can tell, I see no specifics detailing his time of origin on the toy or box, but the cards he comes with are all copyright 1980. Yeah, I get the irony.

And exactly how is a dome with lights on it so 'loveable?' Well it isn't unless you know about R2-D2, who is very lovable in the movie Star Wars. But this isn't an R2 rip off. No sirree.

Okay, so the base is orange, and the dome is white with black details painted on. And the lights are red, yellow and blue. None of those colors are very R2-D2ish, right?

U Mad, George?

The toy is actually pretty neat. You place some learning cards on the panel and answer the questions with a metal tipped probe. Similar to how the old Operation game works, if you get a right answer, the dome lights up and Star-2 makes some noise which is similar to an old electronic phone of some sort.

I iz smart!

There are cards for all sorts of subjects and age ranges, and all are equally seventies-ish in their art and details. Ironically, none of them are space themed. I have 74 cards, so I plan on being pretty learned by the time I'm through!

Here's the box. Man I hated that stupid bob haircut people gave their sons back then. Thank God my mom never put me through such torment. You look like Dorothy Hamill, boy!

Star-2 was manufactured by Educational Insights Inc. of Compton CA. Yup, Star-2 is straight outta Compton. I don't remember NWA ever singing about the Lovable Teaching Robot though.

I did some quick research online and it appears a later version was called 'Charlie the Lovable Teaching Robot,' so clearly Lucas got wind of this thing pretty quick and was at least able to get them to stop using the name 'Star-2,' which seems fair enough.

"I got it bad got it bad got it bad, I'm hot for teacher!"


  1. Too awesome! Love old electronic games and toys like this Bubba.

  2. I found one with some 1979 cards that came with it. It doesn't have the Star 2 sticker on the front and it's blue. Not sure if it's worth anything. any idea?

  3. I don't think it's worth anything really, Claire, besides maybe the nostalgia and novelty value.

  4. Guess I'll see if it works and let me nephews play with it, OR I could circuit bend it....yeah, the latter sounds more fun...

  5. I vote 'circuit bend' too - but you gotta promise to YouTube it when you do!

  6. I'm not sure how I'll bend this since I haven't even put batteries in to see it work....

  7. You can do it Claire - I have faith in you!

  8. I have a version of this toy also but I think mine is even older than yours. I think mine is from the 70's. I had it as a child and my mom for some reason saved it. The wire on yours holding the pen on mine is a rope and the "head is lower to the deck and there is no room for the sticker "star 2." The very front of it says MAXX but the sides of it look the same and the deck where you put the cards is rainbowed. None of my cards have a copyright date on them and I have about nine packs of cards complete. Did you ever sell it or get any additional information about it. I have never found another one like mine. It is most likely worthless but I can't bring myself to throw it out or give it away. I don't know what to do with it. If you gathered any additional information on it please let me know. Marshall tidewblch@aol.com.