Brave and the Bold: Plastic Fantastic

I'm lovin' the current Batman: The Brave and the Bold toy Happy Meal promotion at McDonalds. I've only been able to gather together releases #1, #2 and #4 so far, but with three toys in each release that's a lotta bats (and friends,) including two different Batmans (Batmen?) Solomon Grundy, Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face and Firestorm.

There are still a few I really want (Bat-Mite and Spectre top that list) and I admit I'd be happy with all of them. But thankfully, if unable to gather them all together before promotion's end, I have been lucky enough to have gotten one of the best in the bunch already:

Oh frabjous day! Plastic Man as a car!

ZOMG that is the greatest thing ever!

Yes McDonalds, this does indeed make up for all the fat people in America. You are forgiven.

I've always longed (hahaha get it) for a Plastic Man toyline. Imagine how many things he could be made into! I get it, he can make his hands into hammers and such, but that's been done a thousand times. Make him into a picket fence, a painting of Mona Lisa, a kangaroo, anything! The possibilities are endless!

Well at least I finally have him as a car, and I am happy.

One of the three sets I have procured also came with a Batmobile. These toys are small and more figurineish than hotwheelish - the wheels don't all roll (there is one wheel on the underside that does) and the construction is pretty simple, but who cares. Plastic Man is finally a toy car that I now own.

I am elastic...I mean, ecstatic!


  1. This indeed is one of the coolest things ever! It's not that it is so well done, it's not (wish they had painted the squiggle of hair and the yellow stripe). The cool thing is that such an obscure character that I love has been made into a Happy Meal Toy!

    It was almost pathetic how thrilled I was to get this...

  2. Haha all true, Bill. At least the hair and stripe are molded onto tthe toy, a simple bit of model paint would punch them right out! I was giddy when I flipped it over and saw that the belt runs all the way around and the diamond design on the front of his belt is even molded on the undercarriage!

  3. Very cool! Im a fan of this show and am glad they're doing a big promo like this. The Plasti-Car looks awesome!

  4. Plastic Man as a car just takes the cake...or the Happy Meal...or rather the Happy Meal takes Plastic Man...I mean he comes with the Meal...I'm all twisted around now! ;)

  5. I love those- they did a killer job on 'em

  6. I agree, I love the Brave and the Bold Happy Meal toys! However, I can't hold my tongue about my favorite Nuclear Man. The mold is exceptional for such a small figure, but dude, the paint job looks like Kid Flash!

    I did a write up myself on Firestorm.

    The Irredeemable Shag