In brightest day, in blackest night, this isn't the droid you're looking for, alright.

I wasn't planning on picking up any of the Green Lantern movie toys. They're cool enough, but I'm not yet in love with most of their designs (that may change after I see the movie though. We'll see.)

I do like the fact that there are so many funky looking aliens in the toyline (and movie.) If I were a kid I'd be all over these. But as an adult I prefer a more comic book or cartoony look for my GLs - it's like I've regressed or something. Maybe I'm actually from Ork.

There should be a Green lantern from the Ork sector. Nanoo nanoo.

Anywhoo, today I was undertaking the very adult task of buying pants when I spotted all the new Green Lantern toys. There are about fifteen thousand of them, in sixty three different scales; figures alone and in multi packs and with pets and removable pants and riding motorcycles and big green rubber fists for...playtime fun...ahem...and masks and rings and...okay I exaggerate. But only a little bit - the part about the green rubber fist is true.

In the 4-5 inch scale figure collection I found Stel and decided I had to have him. First of all, this scale is on sale at K-Mart for $5.99. A fair price for a toy this size. Second, Stel here is a figure based on early production art. The character as he will be seen in the movie is vastly different. Making this guy the Blue Snaggletooth of the Green Lantern movie.

If the movie and toyline is a hit and there is a sequel, I am sure Stel will be re-released to better reflect his on-screen design, which means this might be the only release this version ever sees. Not that he'll be of any value ever, but as a conversation piece that makes him pretty neat-o.

Stel comes with a green construct (in fact all the figures in this scale do) that is specific to his character. Stel's construct is a mechanical armature/blade. Fun times.

He looks like he's flipping the bird in this picture. "Number Five is alive, you f*&(ers!"

Stel is a pretty simple toy. Four points of articulation and simple paint applications. Still, he looks like a neat robot that might mosey into the Star Wars Cantina at some point. If they allowed his kind, that is.

Each figure in this scale comes with a Green Lantern ring. It's pretty nice and solid, a little on the small side (yeah, I know I know, these are for kids) but flexible enough to fit if you force it. I'll probably wear it to the movie and embarrass my girlfriend. Or use it to propose to her or something. Just kidding, if I were to propose to my girlfriend with a nerdy ring, I'd use a Legion ring. Sillies.


  1. I just searched "Green Lantern" on Tumblr and found this post!

    That's awfully cute. And FINALLY rings that are small. The Corps rings from last summer are too big for my thumb!

  2. He's loads of fun- NICE RING, too... would prolly fit my tiny hands LOL

  3. Neat! He does look like something out of Star Wars too. The one pic you have he looks like he is dancing lol.

  4. You just had to bring up Blue Snaggletooth, didn't you.

  5. SO taking my boy to see the movie this summer! As usual, DFW is dead last in getting any decent GL toys...(sigh)

  6. LOL @ the sexual innuendos. Methinks you need to get laid more ;)

  7. I think Stel is a really cool design, but I can't forgive the lack of joints. Shame on Mattel for making toys for kids and not me!