Long in the Tooth

Alright. I'm sure everyone knows all about the famed Blue Snaggletooth. The original and short run release of the Star Wars Cantina patron, inaccurately made as tall as your standard Star Wars figure and clad in blue with silver boots. Long time Toyriffic readers will also remember the sound trouncing I gave Reis to win this Blue Snaggletooth from the legendary Darius Whiteplume. (I told you I'd never let you live it down, Reis ;) )

But I haven't taken pics of Blue Snaggy with his commonly released short, red clad twin. Until now.

Snaggletooth was one of my favorite action figures when I was a kid. His odd look, bare feet and miniature stature made for a standout alien in all Star Wars battles. I didn't even know about the existence of the Blue Snaggletooth until many years after my childhood obsession with Star Wars toys had faded, but I am still overjoyed to have one in my collection. These guys are super fun to see side by side, and there's just something about holding and posing an original Star Wars action figure that brings back floods of memories. They even have a unique smell to them that reminds me of opening a new action figure on Christmas morning.

Good times.


  1. I hate you, Bubbashelby.

    Kidding! Actually, I was listening to this action figure collecting podcast the other day and they were talking about action figure goals for 2011 and I'm thinking that maybe I should vow to get my very own Blue Snags before this year is over.

    Off to eBay!

  2. Thanks Super Duper Shoe Box!

    Hahaha Reis. I know you love me! ;)

  3. Tall Snaggle reminds me of a member of the rock band KISS lol. Its the boots i tell you. : D