The Terrifying Bat Man

No, it's not who you think.

This refugee from the National Enquirer is actually (as far as my internet detective skills have revealed to me) 'Kyōfu Kōmori Otoko' (or Komorii-Otoko) or 'The Terrifying Bat Man.' He was a villain from the Japanese Kamen Rider TV show of the seventies, apparently making an appearance in episode 2, 13 and the first movie.

I had another epic Swap Meet run on Saturday, and I think this little 4.5" vinyl Kaiju figure may be the best of the bunch.

If anyone reads Japanese, please feel free to enlighten me as to what this says. I assume this guy was made by Bullmark or Popy or something like that, but I could use some specifics if anyone can help. But dig the sculpted belt details on the back. Haha love it!

Here's what it says on the bottom of his foot. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? EDIT: According to Soundwave810, this says 'Bandai.'

And here's what he looked like on the show. Terrifying indeed!


  1. i dunno anything about it, but it's GREAT! Reminds me of Man-Bat, course...

  2. This guy is just too cool! Bubba i hope you do a random picture of him with a few of your Batman figures sometime. : )

  3. Lol, awesome, dude! Buy stuff, man. BUY IT. Now! Or face death by Japanesse Man-Bat! Great find--it just cracks me up...

  4. Bubba! His foot says Bandai, so obviously he was made by Bandai and I assume (because I can't read what's on his back) that it's the copyright companies. Coming from a Masked Rider show I assume it's Ishimori Pro and what every Production Company that helped make th eshow. Hope that helps! Btw i would add this to your Batman count! lol

  5. Thanks Soundwave - one more piece of the puzzle solved! And yes, he should be in my Batman count if Reis can add all those bootlegs to his count! ;)