Let it Bee

A second approximately 4.5" Japanese vinyl figure I grabbed at the swap meet this past weekend appears to be 'Hachi Onna' or 'Bee Woman' who made her television debut in Kamen Rider episode 8.

The funny thing about this figure is that I originally thought it represented a male of less than ideal body type. With swirls on his man boobs. But my internet sleuthing for yesterday's Bat Man revealed to me that this little toy is actually a 'she.'

I assume this says 'Bandai' just like yesterday's toy. Clearly from the same sub-series as Bat Man, Bee Woman was also made by Bandai back in the seventies.

I still don't know exactly what this says, but it's clearly copyright info, probably for the show's production company or something.

Here's what Bee Woman looked like on the show. Dig those swirly boobies:

And here's her toy. More swirly booby fun, with the likeness falling a little short of uncanny:

My Bee Woman has a small crack in the vinyl on the top of her head, but otherwise she's in great shape. She's the bee's knees hahaha!


  1. More classic plastic awesomeness! Love it. : )

  2. These are great! How many did u find??

  3. Thanks jboy and SDTB! I found three Japanese vinyl toys (I'll show the third tomorrow - he's not from this series though.)

  4. Cool find, I should keep an eye out for Kamen Rider toys myself!

  5. Dude, I would give 20$ for that.