Don't B'Dg - there's a Despotellis on your Dex-Starr!

Eww, the cat is puking again!

Actually this is Dex-Star, Despotellis and B'dg, from the recent DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Wave 2.

I initially had to have this three figure set because of B'Dg. How freaking cute is this little fellow? As soon as I saw the previews for this set of three figures I knew it would have to be mine for the space rodent alone!

But upon opening the toy I quickly fell in love with Dex-Starr. Dex-Starr is actually an Earth cat who watched as his owner was murderd and was then subject to cruelty before a red lantern ring found him and harnessed his rage. That's pretty cool, and I like how he wears his ring on his tail!

Now I'm no lantern color guard expert, having read only a few of the Blackest Coffee, Brightest Student comics, but it seems red lanterns are so full of rage they constantly barf red energy. Or cherry Kool-Aid. Not sure, but Dex-Starr has a removable translucent barf-wad which is also kind of fun and in keeping with the fact that he is a cat. RAGE HAIR BALL!

And B'Dg is pretty dang cute too! What a cute widdle gween wantern! Hi gween wantern! Want a peanut, gween wantern?

'Don't make me punch your nuts, sir!'

Finally the set comes with a yellow lantern named Despotellis. He looks like a...yeah...ahem. Anyways, he's pretty silly but let's face it, they made him and he's totally off the wall, so any Green lantern comic fan should be pretty stoked to get such a nutty character in toy form.

Even if he does look like a walking marital aide.

The set does come with a large piece of the Collect and Connect figure Stel, but I don't have any intentions of getting any more of these figures.

I just wanted the cute super pets! More super pets please, Mattel!


  1. I'll second the call for more super-pets. I'd be interested in Krypto, Streaky, Comet, and Beppo in a 6" scale.

  2. These are cool Bubba and seeing these makes me wish DC would make Captain Carrot action figures.