Harley Qwednesday :: Roll the Bones

The other day I won a set of custom dice made by Dice Creator via Heropress.net. They haven't arrived yet, (they're coming all the way from Spain!) but when they do I'll be blogging about how cool they are!

What does this have to do with Harley Qwednesday, you ask? Well, just yesterday on the dice makers Facebook page 'Unconventional Dice' I spotted this:

 Aw Yeah Harley Quinn dice!

You guessed it - I had to have them! I immediately contacted the maker, Abraham (who is a real nice guy!) and purchased two, which will be on their way soon along with the dice I won! Epic craps games to follow!

If you too want one (or a set,) get over to Dice Creator's eBay store now and get ready to rock and roll the bones!