Ladies Night

For Eclectorama's last photo assignment, 'Ladies Night,' I took some pics of a couple themed groups of gals in my collection. A couple sets of gals didn't make the cut, so I figured I should show them eventually; and here they are:

First up is a total spoiler if you haven't seen Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Also of note, if you haven't seen Batman: Mask of the Phantasm there is something seriously wrong with you! Anyways, the first toy is Phantasm herself, unmasked! The second is Batgirl, but the unique thing about this toy is that it actually came from Jack in the Box. She has a lever on her back to kick the baddies, and is one of the finest looking Batgirl animated action figures made - from a fast food joint! Amazing when that happens!

Next up come a couple of Barbie-barians...err I mean Barbarians; Evil-Lyn and Teela. Toys I avoided like the plague as a kid (eww, girls are icky!) little did I know at the time how great these figures (and girls) actually are.


  1. oh Yeah- fast food Batgirl IS great! i had that Teela as a child...

  2. I love Evil Lynn! One of my favorites.

  3. Kind of pissed me off when that Phantasm figure came out. In the pre-internet days, spoilers were a lot harder to come by. However, quite a while before I saw the film, there it was- she's already unmasked right in the packaging!

  4. I love seeing everyone's outtakes from these "assignments". And once again you are the envy of my daughter with this post!