Catwoman Purrrsday :: Line-up

This isn't the entirety of my Catwoman collection, but it is some of my best.

Left to right we have: Catwoman from the Legends of Batman collection. A great comicbook accurate Catwoman figure which, thankfully for her back, is designed with less, umm, Catwoman up front than she appeared in the comics with at the time.

Next up is the Batman Returns Catwoman based on Michelle Pfeiffer's turn as the feline fatale. A fun and iconic design, this is a nice figure that walks the line between cartoony and movie accurate well.

Third from left is the Batman: Animated Catwoman as she first appeared in the cartoon. A nice late eighties comic accurate look, this Catwoman even came with her kitty Isis.

And finally, Catwoman from the final years of the Batman Animated series when the character designs took a more JLU esque turn. This Catwoman is obviously highly influenced by Batman Returns, but is very stylized and really stands out in any collection. Slinky and streamlined, I'm glad the toyline lasted long enough to get to her!

What's this? Is Harley jealous that there's now a Catwoman Purrrsday to compete with her Harley Qwednesday?

It's OK Harley. We're all friends here. There's room for everyone!


  1. Thats a whole lot Catwomen! : D

  2. Catwoman is like potato chips, jboy - you can never have just one ;)