Harley Qwednesday :: Suicide Squad and DCnU's 'new' Harley Quinn

By now you have surely heard the hype about DC comics mixing things up and scaring the hell out of fanboys everywhere by doing nothing new (ie renumbering, relaunching, retconning etc.)

Say what you will about all the latest DC news (and if you haven't already, you will,) but you gotta admit, the news is EVERYWHERE! So if nothing else, the hype machine will keep these goings on chugging along for a few months at least, before DC decides to go back to their old costumes and numberings and insanely convoluted Hawkman histories.

But I digress. It appears no one is safe from the action, including everyone's favorite mistress of mirth herself, Harley Quinn!

The good news? It appears ole' Harl will be appearing as a team member in the new Suicide Squad comic. The bad news? Well, there's a lot bad about this costume...a little too off model for Harley Quinn in my opinion. My biggest gripe? NO DOMINO MASK!?!?!?!? That's just plain blasphemy. And is that a cape she's wearing? Really?

I do like the multi-colored hair though, so there's that.


  1. Am I the only one that doesn't hate her new outfit?

  2. Not to wild about this new look for Harley its just edgy for me and not how she should look.

  3. I only have one thing to say about all the "exciting", "dramatic", "cutting-edge-y", "super-colossal", "different?" rebooting-reimagining-retconning that happens every frickin' year from unimaginative fan-boys-in-charge...and that's "Yawwwwwwwwn...again?"

  4. I don't hate it Rouise, I just hate the lack of a domino mask. That's a defining characteristic that should not be removed from the character in my opinion!

    It's a bit too non-super-villain isn't it, jboy?

    Hahah Jeff, all true!

  5. Harly's jester outfit is iconic in a a sense but perhaps something a bit less comical would be in order at this point. i'm more curious why King Shark is now a hammer head instead of a great white.


  6. My daughter is a Harley fan, especially as she has been shown in Gotham City Sirens and such....I am not sure I will be picking this up for her...

  7. And I thought one of the major focuses of the reboot was to finally put some clothes on the ladies. Supergirl and WonderWoman look great with a little less skin showing. (Although Black Canary and Poison Ivy could use a re-redesign). This Harley goes against DC's own objectives.. big time