Imaginext Catwoman UPDATE: Available online at Fisher-Price.com!

Don't pay those ridiculous eBay prices (I've seen her going for over $30 already!) - don't drive all over town (save gas and the environment!) - just go online to Fisher-Price.com today, because the Imaginext Catwoman and motorcycle (or is it Cat-orcycle?) is available NOW for $6 plus shipping!

No idea how long she'll be available, but if you are interested (as I am) I suggest you get on over there and order her immediately, before she's sold out.

And stay tuned to Toyriffic's newest weekly feature: Catwoman Purrrsday, because as soon as my Imaginext Catwoman arrives you know I'll be blogging about her!

P.S. the Imaginext Clayface is also available on Fisher-Price.com! Go go go!

P.P.S. I'm in no way affiliated with Fisher-Price, just a huge fan of their Imaginext DC Super Friends line, and of course Catwoman. I am affiliated with me, BubbaShelby, so click below and look at some of my stuff on Zazzle!


  1. I bet you ordered that figure no time flat Bubba when you saw her up for sale. : )

  2. thanks to you i'm $23.99 poorer... but oh so happy :D
    BubbaShelby, "Toy Detective"

  3. Bubba and Super-D did you guys get Clayface too? I imagine you did.

  4. Ok I gave in...
    just noticed that they do ship to Canada so I ordered alll of the Imaginext Batman we can't find around here. Unfortunately, they are sold out of Killer Croc.

    Thanks for the tip on this! Isaac and I can't wait to get them by mail!!!!

  5. jboy, I passed on Clayface; although he is awesome, I am sure I will find him at retail soon and can be a little more patient in his case!

    Way to go Kim! Can't wait to see the pictures when they arrive! I still don't have Croc either, but I'm sure he'll pop up again soon.