Hollywood and Vine

When I picked up the Batman and Robin Bane action figure a few months back, I started looking a little more closely at other figures from that godawful movie. Fortunately some of the figures little reflected their film counterparts, and are actually pretty nice comic/realistic looks at some of the bat characters. They are also in my prefered scale and not being an articulationazi, they are more in tune with my current action figure preferences.

I have wanted Batgirl for a while, so when I spotted her in a lot on eBay for super cheap I jumped on it. I'll get to her later, but today let's look at another figure I received in the lot: Poison Ivy!

'Jungle Venom Poison Ivy' to be exact.

A nice figure, Ivy is modeled somewhat on Uma Thurman, but her costume design is far from the movie...

...and her hair-do is more comic accurate than Uma's atrocious beehives and such.

The costume...err...body paint...err...whatever...is pretty simple, but there are a few vines and leaves sculpted throughout the arms and legs..

Ivy comes with a couple cool accessories too. Surprising, as most accessories, especially for movie themed toys, are usually pretty lame. AND she can actually hold them!

She has a poison-gun that really squirts water...keen!

And these cool 'grasping vines' that attach to her wrist like they are shooting out spider-man style!

'Thwip thwip...I mean...stop Batman, or I'll release my pretties!'


  1. This version of Ivy is rather "Man-ish" looking in the face to me lol.

  2. one could say the same thing about Uma Thurman, jboy ;)