Imaginext Catwoman being found NOW!

Haha the placement of that censor bar over Catwoman is perfect, no?

UPDATE: Imaginext Catwoman now available at Fisher-Price.com (as of 6/10/2011)

I found this pic on eBay (I blacked out the name plastered all over the image by the seller - I'm not here to advertise their auction, just to alert fans. But it's easy to find if you go to eBay and do a search for Imaginext Catwoman.)

Proof that the Imaginext Catwoman (with cat and super awesome motorcycle) is hitting shelves now! The seller is located in California and so far this is the only in package pic I have seen anywhere. Hopefully this is hitting stores en masse like, yesterday, because I gotta have one soon!

Oh yeah, the same seller has the Imaginext Clayface too! Man do I need these things!


  1. Several times I have been very close to picking up some Imaginext yet always walked away. That might change once I find that Clayface and Catwoman. If I get them, I might as well get a Batman. And you can't have Batman without Joker. Also, that Mr. Freeze looks very cool too...
    This is going to go badly for my wallet

  2. It is a slippery slope indeed, Clark!

  3. Clayface is just so happy looking almost want to hug him lol.

  4. I just went to Target to pick up some ice cream (we wanted something sweet to eat during game 2 tonight), and I wandered by the Imaginext. They did not have either of these figure, but they did have a very cool looking Killer Croc. I didn't have cash on me (I have to keep my toy budget on a cash only basis so I don't go nuts), but he might be worthy of a purchase.

  5. That Clayface looks ridiculously awesome!

  6. Oh yeah, I can't believe I forgot to comment on this earlier, but I love how you made that Catwoman toy unintentionally appear dirty by blacking out her nanners.