Feels Like the First Time

Other than needing to someday re-acquire a Secret Wars Wolverine action figure, I was pretty sure I had all the Wolverines I needed in my life. Then I saw this Marvel Universe First Appearance Wolverine and just had to add him to the collection!

I'm no big fan of his yellow and blue costume, preferring Wolverine's brown costume over any other. But I have to admit I do prefer the look of his original cowl over the hyper-exaggerated ears of subsequent cowls. The nose and whiskers are a neat touch as well.

Not much else to say about the figure; you either love this look or can do without it. I'm pretty sure all of the figure besides the head are previously released Wolverine parts, and he comes with nothing more than a base (which is nice...ARE YOU LISTENING MATTEL?!?!) He's as good if not better than most Marvel Universe figures quality wise and looks good on my desk at work.

One final note, his lips also look sort of Michael Keaton-esque to me. Imagine if Tim Burton had made a Wolverine movie in '89 instead of Batman? I'd like to visit that alternate universe someday!


  1. i reluctantly passed on him a few times... i have just bought so many of these- he's awesome! that's interesting abot the Keaton/alternate movie universe... i wonder what if Burton had made a Wolverine movie?? he's certainly qualified, and i would likely enjoy it as well :)

  2. I have been debating on picking this one up as well... maybe.

    Ha, if Burton made a Wolverine movie we would all be talking Wolvie and not Bats, LOL.

  3. I keep seeing him on the pegs and i keep passing on him in hopes of a Doctor Strange and maybe a Falcon figure. I might get him still because i love that costume.

  4. I just don't see him being worth the money, given that he is a tiny guy and comes with no accessories. However, I do love this particular costume, there is just something very feral about it. So if I were to go out and buy a Wolverine figure this would be the one, and he would be my default wolvie. Even if his outfit is dated I prefer it to his modern looks.

    I would only prefer a brown costume wolverine, but not the one from the Origins movie line, because I have him and his head sculpt has always ruined him just a bit.

  5. Wolvie, look out! There's a Lego skeleton sneaking up on you!