Harley Qwednesday :: Her face isn't the only thing that's pasty

Friend of Toyriffic and Harley Quinn extraordinaire Elise Archer recently suffered the loss of a loved one and a few other personal setbacks. In getting back on her feet, she is now offering for sale some of her handmade Harley Quinn themed burlesque pasties...oooh naughty!

Limited Edition Harley Quinn burlesque pasties available at Etsy.

Deluxe Harley Quinn burlesque pasties available on eBay.

Pasties not your thing? To each his (or her) own. But if that is the case, you can still support Elise (get it? Pasties...support...boobs....I made a funny!) by making a helpful donation directly to Elise, and get a cool signed photo in return.

Help her out if you can; what goes around comes around. Or...dare I say... 'tit for tat?'.

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