Harley Qwednesday :: The Quinntankerous

'I love the smell of Smilex in the morning...'

'...it smells like victory!'

Introducing hell on wheels, folks...aka The Quinntankerous!

The other night I decided my Lego Harley Quinn mini figure needed an equipment upgrade, so I retired the Harleymobile and built The Quinntankerous!

The Quinntankerous is of course armed to the teeth. Up front is a movable battering ram...

...while around back there's a cannon and missile launcher, not to mention a handy holder for Harley's hammer.

Never one to overlook safety, I've even added a blast shield that cover's Harley's dome when the cannon goes off.

When I mentioned on Facebook that I was retiring the Harleymobile. Ewan of Chase Variant said "Whatever happens, that boot in the front has gotta stay!!!"

Well originally the butt kicking boot from the Harleymobile was not part of my Quinntankerous design. But I gave it some more thought and finally decided to add it on, this time making it fully retractable.

'Outta the way, roadhawg!'

Watch out Gotham City, Harley has hit the highway!


  1. Any time, just don't forget your Legos! ;)

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  3. Oh my gosh this is THE most awesomely awesome Harley-thing I've seen. And the boot is still hilarious despite not being the main punch line anymore. Is that giant "thing a cannon or battering ram? In fact, it would be awesome if it was both!

    Bravo, Bubbashelby!

    And look, one successful Harley-vehicle later and you get a cyberdate. Haha.