Harley Qwednesday :: Little Mates

WHAT?!?!?! Apparently in Spain there are these sweet sweet DC 'Little Mates' out now. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, yawn...hold on to your sweet bippy - there's a Harley Quinn!

 I'm stuck here in dumb old America, the land that CREATED Harley Quinn (not to mention all those other yahoos) and can't get my stinkin' paws on one - unless a selfless reader in Spain or some other nation that is so gracious to it's people that it provides Socialized Medicine AND Harley Quinn Little Mates does me a proper!

Can anyone help out a poor American who's down on his luck?


  1. Cutie little things Bubba i hope you can get one. : )

  2. I HATE HATE HATE when characters created in America gets merchandise exclusively in other countries!

  3. DUDE! if you posted this a few weeks earlier I would've had my sister look for them, she was in Spain for like a month or so.

    They're so AWESOME and CUTE!!