Her lips are venemous poison

I really like the design of Poison Ivy from 'The Batman' cartoon of a few years back. Re-imagining Pamela Isley as a teenager (and friend to Barbara Gordon before her botanical boo-boo,) 'The Batman' gave Miss Ivy a less 'sexed-up' look than she generally sports nowadays, dressing her in a modest leafy dress and making her hair look like a rose or a flower of some sort.

Her action figure nicely recreates her cartoon design. Although it is, as with many toys from The Batman toyline, way out of proportion (being too large to fit in nicely with other 'The Batman' action figures,) she still looks great and is probably more in proportion to six inch action figures like DCUC (she is a teenager after all.)

If I recall correctly, Poison Ivy was only released in a four pack. I passed on it at the time, having no interest (or already owning) the other figures in the pack. I wrongly assumed she would later pop up as a single carded figure.

Well she never did, and now she or her four pack are pretty pricey and relatively hard to find on eBay or other secondary outlets.

But once again my luck at the swap meet comes through - yesterday I found this 'The Batman' Poison Ivy for a quarter! WOOHOO! I guess you could say, when it comes to the swap meet, I do indeed have a green thumb!


  1. Oh yeah- I like her sculpt... is it me, or does she have an Art Deco feel to her ...??

  2. Very Art Deco... and Rankin-Bass!

  3. Art Deco - that's true! You guys are right - I hadn't thought of it that way.

    Haha Rankin-Bass - yup, I can see that influence too scottsz!