A real DC Woman kicking ass!

Whether or not you follow comic books or news on the upcoming DCnU very closely, or even care at all about any of that, you would be wise to read this interview with 'Kyrax2' over at the DC Women Kicking Ass blog. Because if nothing else, this woman has passion for something awesome, and if you are reading a toy blog so do you.

I love comic books almost as much as I love my daughters. With one more little girl on the way, I want the future of comic books to be as inclusive to them as humanly possible. I want them to share, or at least understand and appreciate, my love for superheroes and the messages they convey: Truth, Justice, the American Way; With great power comes great responsibility; Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot; all that stuff.

After all was said and done, this line struck me closest to home:

"I’m not just asking for my sake. I have a seven year-old daughter who sometimes reads my trades. She was not, as has been widely reported, dressed as Spoiler at the convention. She was dressed as Raven, from Teen Titans Go!. She is my Lian Harper, and I don’t want to see her brutally and pointlessly murdered. I want her to be like Stephanie Brown, and keep on trying even when life smacks her down again and again. When she encounters personal tragedy, I want to see her transcend it like Barbara Gordon, turning it into strength.

She is DC’s future market, and someday I hope to see more women who are amazing role models for her, not just on the page, but also behind it."

I like male superheroes. And I like sexy female superheroes. I'm a guy. But looks are not the only component of a sexy female, nor is 'sexy' the only valuable component of a woman. And I'm not the only one reading comic books. Girls are too. A lot of them, and damned if there shouldn't be MORE!

I still love comics, and feel a lot of the product out there is outstanding. And yes, maybe a lot of the recent fears are unfounded (none of the 'new 52' have been released yet, so it's still a 'wait and see' situation.)

However I do agree that more needs to be done to include females, gays, and non-whites into mainstream superhero comic books, as well as in action figure toylines for that matter!

Now go, read the article, and have faith: Her daughter dressed as Raven, and she is our future!