More fun with (Playmobil) Series 1

As I recently reported, Playmobil Fi?ures (Figures) Series 1 blind-bagged figures are hitting store shelves now. I was super excited to get The Executioner (which I squeezed and squeezed for - hint: feel for his axe (haha that sounds dirty))

Anyways, I also picked up one for my girlfriend's son and one for my daughter too, and here's what they got:

The boy got...Sue Sylvester from Glee?!?!

OK. Well, it's supposed to be some sort of award winner I suppose, and it's supposed to be a dude to boot, but damned if it isn't the spitting image of the Glee club's arch nemesis herself. Sufficed to say the boy wasn't too excited about this one.

The girl fared far better in my opinion. She got this awesome 'Highwaywoman' figure! A sort of female Robin Hood, this brigand babe comes with a musket and a bag for loot (or heads, which is what is in there when she's hanging out with my Executioner, according to my daughter.)

Speaking of whom, I completely forgot to show you under the hood last time. Well here he is. Gotta love that Prince Valiant hairdo, and the face tattoos or face paint (or if you ask my girlfriend, tears of blood like the vampires in True Blood - sheesh!) make him look pretty cool under that morbid red hood!

Uh oh, Sue doesn't stand a chance against these two ne'er-do-wells!

These Playmobile Fi?ures are brand new, and I don't know if a code has been cracked for the blind bags yet, but the ones we have came in bags with the following numbers printed in black on the backs of the packages:

Blue Bag:
Executioner: 14611 0784 008357 5203 01
Sue Sylvester Award Winner: 15111 0506 000206 5203 01

Pink Bag:
Highwaywoman: 15311 0784 000845 5201 01

Not sure if those mean anything, but maybe they'll help, so good luck and happy hunting.


  1. Now are these just at educational toy stores or do you think Toys R Us will be getting these too?

  2. jboy, I would assume Toys R Us etc will get them too, but I have yet to confirm that suspicion, having only seen them at the educational store.

    I'll update if I find out more! I really want Zorro, so I'll probably be out looking again soon :)

  3. I found them at Toys R us today!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, jumbledhutch! Hopefully more folks will be finding them now!

  5. I can add 2 more codes, but is there a code breaker yet?
    Blue Bag:
    Grim Reaper(#09): 14711 0617 004922 5203 01

    Pink Bag:
    Snow Queen(#03): 18711 0289 001019 5204 01

  6. Thanks Anonymous. As far as I know there isn't a code breaker yet.