Harley Qwednesday :: Suicide Squad

I bought and read the new DCnU 'New 52' Suicide Squad #1 merely because it includes Harley Quinn on the team and I figured it'd make a good Harley Qwednesday post regardless of what I ended up thinking of the comic. I seriously didn't expect to enjoy the comic, but I really did, and I plan on following the comic for a while and giving it a chance.

Harley's new look is nothing like her iconic costume. But it works with the type of story Suicide Squad is trying to tell. I love her multi-colored hair, but I hate the KISS-esque eye make-up. She needs a domino mask!

I understand the costume changes, trying to bring Harley more in line with what kids/teens know from the Arkham Asylum video game. And with this gritty storyline, her iconic costume would just look too cartoony and wouldn't work in this comic (although something much closer to it than this costume would and could work.) Regardless, I can get past all that and enjoy Harley Quinn making little quips in the face of danger as long as the comic delivers a good story.

So here's to more Harley Quinn in the pages of Suicide Squad, and maybe an action figure of this version of Harley Quinn sometime in the near future!


  1. I was looking forward to read what you thought of the comic.

    I have not picked it up myself, but maybe I will when I get JL Dark today.

  2. i like your thoughts on this book and how your not making a big fuss out of Harley's costume it's too bad i didn't come across this posting back when #1 came out: http://www.suicidesquadtaskforcex.blogspot.com/