Late Night with David Leatherhead

Leatherhead is another recent flea market acquisition that set me back about a dollar and has quickly become one of my favorite toys ever! I found mine sans accessories but including his belt. Not too shabby!

This guy is just so much fun to look at and play around with! The detailing on his sculpt is top notch. He's covered with gator goodness from head to toe, and has a hinged jaw to boot!

I really appreciate the attention to detail in Leatherhead's design, which is true with most first run TMNT toys. They all just oozed (pun intended) personality and charm!

Leatherhead is a mutated back-swamp swamp-billy, so in addition to his alligator choppers he even has a pair of buck teeth up front! I love it!

I also love the fact that he is designed to stand with the posture of an alligator. Most TMNT toys stood upright regardless of what animal they represent, but Leatherhead was designed to stand low against the ground like an alligator on two legs, which makes him pretty unique among the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crowd.

"Hey, you aren't Killer Croc!"
"But you is breakfast, I guarontee!"


  1. I have him and he is a favorite of mine too Bubba.

  2. I always liked Leatherhead from the original TMNT cartoon, but I never had the toy. The newest version of him wasn't quite as fun, I think he was a scientist or something.