Possible Lego Mini Figures Series 6 Spotted Online

Rumor around the internet is that these images depict 10 of the 16 Lego mini figures that will be released as part of Series 6.

They look legit to me, and have me jonesing for the Genie, Minotaur, Mechanic and Statue of Liberty most of all!

Also apparently part of series six will be a Leprechaun, a Butcher, a Girl Skateboarder, Highlander, Alien, and Spacegirl. Fun for the whole family and something for everyone!


  1. WOW! This is a great line-up if true. Statue of Liberty, Leprechaun, & Genie are all musts for me!

  2. I seriously hope these are legit. I really want a statue of liberty!

    And the minitour will be the figure that I grab a bunch of, like the Gnome and Dwarf.

  3. Am liking the Genie and Minotaur myself.

  4. LOL, the Alien has the Wind-Up Robots body for some reason.