Moose Tracks

Monty Moose is another crazy-cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ally that I have been hoping to find in good condition at the Flea Market for ages.

Fortunately friend to Toyriffic, toy blogger extraordinaire and all around swell guy Jboy of Revenge from the Cosmic Ark and Invader from the Cosmic Ark recently surprised me with a box of toys (more on that later) and included in the pack was old Monty himself in all his Canucking glory!

I had to immediately get Monty Moose back into his natural environment. You don't want to keep an angry mutated moose (let alone an angry mutated moose on police payroll) cooped up in the house for too long!

Also, I owed him a trip to the forest. It was the least I could do, seeing as how he didn't maul me when I said 'nice rack.'

Monty first went looking for higher ground, to get a lay of the land.

Here's Monty doing his best Rocky imitation. Get it? Monty Moose...Rocky Balboa...Monty Moose...Bullwinkle Moose...Rocky Balboa...Rocky Squirrel...aw forget it.

 He crossed the creek a few times, sometimes through shallow water...

...and sometimes across fallen trees.

Although I suspect he sometimes just wanted to gaze into the water meditatively.

But a Mounty Moose can't rest all day. Back on the trail!

Of what I do not know.

Monty enjoyed his day out and was glad to get some nice fresh air on his antlers.

Although he says it's too warm in California, and a little snow every now and then wouldn't kill us.

Once again Playmates delivered in spades with this character's design. It's always amazing to look closely at these older TMNT toys and see all the little details and how they surpassed the limited paint applications - if one were to detail this guy themselves one would find all sorts of tears and folds and tufts of hair to paint and bring out of the design.

I also really do love these characters who experience partial mutations (noticed here in the differences in his legs.) It adds yet another dimension, and raises these guys from mere anthropomorphic characters to true aberrations of nature.

Monty was originally released in 1992 and came with Bob the Beaver (who I own!) and some accessories (which I do not own,) but he remains just as epic without any of that.

He's a great toy, and anyone who says otherwise is a hoser and can take off, eh.


  1. The classic TMNT toys are unsurpassed, they were the jewel of my childhood!

    I remember specifically taking my WWF Mountie figure and pretending to mutate him into this guy. It was freaking sweet.

  2. Am glad you are loving old Monty Bubba. : )

  3. Wow, those are some badass knees.

  4. Wow T.M.N.T.'S had a ton of characters.I remember when it was just the turtles,Splinter,Shredder,Rocksteady and Bebop.Cool figure in a T.M.N.T. sort of way.

  5. Who he is just beautiful. I have to do a post about him over at the Cave of Cool. Been really diggin' going through your stuff all afternoon. I feel the same Cave of Cool vibe.

  6. Thanks Cal, glad to be of service!

  7. Man, the internet needs more Monty Moose content. He was one of my favorite toys as a kid, along side King Lionheart and Sgt. Bananas.

    1. I have both of those fellows as well, Tommy. I need to get them up on the blog soon!