Catwoman Purrrsday :: Mego Catwoman Dolly

If you've never checked out The Mego Museum, you should. It is the greatest Mego resource on the internet! Go check it out and get yer dolly on!

Today I borrowed a handful of images of the Mego Catwoman that debuted in 1974 (hey, me too!)

* all pictures of Catwoman dollies courtesy The Mego Museum

This version of Catwoman's costume only briefly existed in the comics, premiering in '69 and running through to the mid seventies and not getting much (if any ) play since then; but it was apparently perfectly timed for Mego's designers to choose it for their dolly thereby cementing it's place in Catwoman history.

Although not a very recognizable costume to those outside the comic book world (or outside the dolly collecting circuit), this version of Catwoman's costume did appear briefly in a recent Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, because that show is so goddamned awesome.


  1. We love the Mego Museum around our house. My son visits it every once and while and we have fun looking at the old toys I used to own... and all of the days I wanted to own!

  2. I mean "all of the TOYS I wanted to own." I'm typing to fast for my own good.

  3. i LOVE the Mego Museum... missed Catwoman here, somehow! Also- just read about that chapter/issue of "Case of The Purr-Loined Pearl!" in Batman Showcase TPB, Vol. 4 -Good Stuff!