You dirty rat!

At Toyriffic World Headquarters, whenever anyone picks up a Lego Mini-figure we like to build a little diorama around the figure's theme.

That's just how we roll at TWH.

So when I obtained the Gangster from Lego mini-figure series five I pondered all the wonderful possibilities until the future Mrs. BubbaShelby said 'why don't you have him tossing a guy in cement shoes off a pier?'

Gotta love a woman who suggests making a Lego mini-figure in cement shoes and getting tossed off a pier by a ruthless Mob Boss!

So I designed a little dockside pier with a lamppost (because if movies have taught me anything it is that this type of 'business' happens on the docks and usually at night) and put together a Construction Foreman in cement shoes who clearly wasn't willing to play along with the crooked union leader's plan.

I also designed the platform so that the Foreman can also be attached to a swivel-piece; when you lift the pier he swings down into the 'water.' The Gangster did not originally come with the Tommy-Gun, but every goog Gangster worth his salt needs a Tommy-Gun! He did come with a handgun and the violin case, which opens up and will hold the handgun inside.

So is this it? Is this the end? Is there no hope for the poor Foreman, a man whose only crime was to stand up for what is good and right in this world...?

Aw yeah JSA! The Golden Age Flash (aka Jay Garrick), in a blur of super speed is about to disarm that malicious mobster and will have the Foreman back in proper work boots before you can say 'Myeah, myeah!'


  1. Flash's Motion Blur = Most Awesome Use of Lego Bricks today!

  2. Haha thanks CB, I am rather proud of my Lego Flash and his motion blur!