Thundercats Week :: Cheetara

Somewhat appropriate for Catwoman Purrrsday, today's Thundercats Week entry is none other than the genuine cat woman herself: Cheetara!

Cheetara is the real reason I picked up the Thundercats lot I've been reviewing this week, because I've never actually seen a Cheetara action figure in person. And because they were cheap and gave me an excuse to create a themed week of entries on this here blog.

She's a little roughed up, and appears to have had her head re-attached with glue at some point in her illustrious career, or maybe it's just a little cracked. But hey, she's a leotard clad cheetah chick, so we can overlook the flaws, right?

Tune in tomorrow - same Thundercats Week time, same Thundercats Week channel.


  1. i dated a girl named that... turns out she was seeing someone else :D

  2. I always thought Cheetara was a hottie! Does that make me a Furry? God, I hope not.