Thundercats Week :: Wileykit and Wileykat

As a 'thank you' for posting about his awesome custom Feline Hero Stands (Go buy some now,) Soundwave810 sent me Wileykit and Wileykat from the new Thundercats action figure toyline by Bandai!

Even though I have yet to see an episode of the new Thundercats cartoon, I fell in love with these cute kitties when I saw them appearing on toy store shelves. So I am super stoked to now have them; thanks again Soundwave810!

These new Thundercats action figures are cute and simple and well designed. Articulation is limited (that is a good thing!) and both 'kit and 'kat come with some cool accessories.

Wileykat comes with grapple-type claws that fit into each hand, and his hover/skate/surfboard in blue, which is apparently armed with machine guns. Kids and machine guns, always a winning combination.

Wileykit comes with a halo, or maybe it's a frisbee, or possibly some bladed death weapon. I'll leave the final decision in your hands. She too comes with a hover/surf/skateboard with retractable armament.

Both of these toys are super cute in their own right, even without following the cartoon. I hope I don't watch it and find out these two are annoying little $#!($, or else I may not like them as much.

Thundercats Week ain't over yet; see ya' tomorrow for the finale!


  1. You should definitely start watching the new show. A few episodes ago, they introduced the Berbils(they sound almost exactly as they did back in the day).

    And Wilykat's accessory is a flute/ocarina of some kind. She plays it at times in the cartoon. I'm looking to pick her up, as I already have Lion-O, Panthro and Wilykit. I'll eventually have them all.

    Oh. And I like the new layout you got here. :)

  2. Thanks Jason. I did catch a few minutes of an episode the other night and discovered that Terry McGuinness is Lion-O! That alone is reason to keep watching!

  3. I found these in my local Toys R Us the other day and quickly snagged them. My collection is almost complete: all that's left is Mumm-Ra which, from what I can see from EVERY toy and department store I go to, won't be too hard to fulfill.

    Thanks for the full week of ThunderCats coverage. Great job and looking forward to more.

  4. They're super CUTE!! I haven't seen new Thundercats action figures here in PerĂº :(
    I WANT THEEEM!!!11

  5. Yelinna, I'm sure they will make their way to Peru eventually. But I know Peru gets some neat toys and bootlegs too - so if you ever want to talk trade let me know!

  6. These two figures are fun i might have to buy them soon. I have Mumm-Ra already. And has anyone seen Grune? I can never find him in stores in more.

  7. the new thundercats toys look very promising and these two are cute! Just duno when will they reach malaysian shores.. :D

  8. These are very cool figures and they actually play a big part in the cartoon.Some of the music used in the series is very melodic and tribal.Very cool show!