Arkham City Batcave DLC

So if you happen to have been playing Arkham City nearly every single night since it's release (which I am) you may be getting to a point where you are getting a little bored (which I am not.) In fact, I finally collected enough Riddler Trophies last night to track down Riddler's hideout!

Then I went to bed.

Which means tonight I bring the smack-down on that question mark clad sonofabitch.

But what then? Well, it appears even more new downloadable content will be made available just in time for your significant other to call it your Christmas present (which mine already has.)

The Batcave challenge map will be available for download on December 20th. I still need to download the Nightwing DLC as well, so I'll probably get them both and ring in the new year with even more Arkham City fun!

Read more about the Arkham City Batcave DLC at MTV Geek.


  1. All I wanna know is if I get to wrestle that T-Rex. After all, I did get to punch a shark and that's hard to top.

  2. Strange Kid, It would be pretty sweet if you could shoot your electro-gun at it and make it chomp a guy!

    And yes, punching a shark was pretty damn sweet indeed :)