Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing :: Operation Early Bird Update

Yesterday I mentioned the Dark Knight Rises' apparent Viral Marketing campaign which had led watchers to OperationEarlyBird.com

I was at the source at 10am this morning when the timer ran out; but about twenty minutes beforehand a recording of girls voices began to play at TheDarkKnightRises.com saying longitude/latitude coordinates.

I listened until I heard coordinates close to San Francisco (knowing there's an IMAX theatre there that would show the prologue,) and as luck would have it they said them with about a minute to go on the counter!

So I was ready when the counter ran out; eventually the pages loaded and led to a map. I typed in the proper coordinates and clicked on the green dot - my prize:

Two tickets to an advance screening of The Dark Knight Rises prologue on December 13th!!!!


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