One Horse Open...Slay

Well, there used to be one horse...

...until Bud and Lou arrived.

I was finally able to find these two Playmobil hyena at the local educational toy store. I found out about them a while back and knew I needed them for my Lego Harley Quinn. They're the perfect size and style for her little Lego self.

When I finally found them I immediately ran home with the inspiration to do a Christmas themed display with them and Harley. What better than for them to be pulling a Christmas sleigh...sorry...SLAY!

With Harley at the helm. Don't worry, the whip is for cops and citizens and crime-fighting do-gooders. She'd never use it on her hyena! That'd just be cruel!

And since we don't want Bud and Lou to over exert themselves, the Christmas Slay is powered by a fully blown dual quad high-rise on top of a 351 Cleveland V8.

Of course it also has a ladder for Harley to climb onto the rooftops of the sleeping populace.

The 'slay' is full of gifts for all the bad boys and girls of Gotham: guns and axes and swords...and a sweet teddy bear for Cindy Lou Who.

It is also armed for defense against meddling BatGrinches. What's a Harley Lego creation around here without the butt-kicking booty?

In addition, the Christmas tree is topped with a missile to spread yuletide joy. Also, look: Missile...toe.

Get it?


Harley's ever present hammer is also mounted to the side. Some homes don't have chimneys for easy access, you know.
Merry Quinnsmas! Happy Harleynukkah! And a festive Quinnza to you and yours.


  1. Am glad you were able to finally find these and boy to they look great.

  2. I want to have hyenas as pets too!!!!