Harley Qwednesday :: New Lego Harley Quinn!

Over at DcUniverseSuperheroes.Lego.com some upcoming DC Superhero minifigures have been revealed in a line-up on their front page, including a new version of Harley Quinn!

The torso paint application is different than the currently existing Harley Quinn Lego, as is the face and the alternating red/black 'gloves.' Funny, but I never noticed the lack of gloves on the existing Harley Quinn mini-figure until I saw this updated version. An easy fix, but still it's interesting that they originally released her with white hands.

This new Harley Quinn mini-figure will be released as part of set #6857 - The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape! The set also includes Batman, an awesome Tim Drake version of Robin, The Joker, and (inexplicably) The Riddler!

Nice line-up of Gotham City mini-figures! And what a neat display this set will make. What better place for Harl and Mr. J to make mischief than a funhouse?

This set is listed at Lego.com with a ship date of January 23rd 2012, but I have seen them for sale on Craigslist and eBay already, so someone is finding them somewhere. Woohoo!

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