Catwoman Purrrsday :: DC Universe Online Catwoman

I've never played DC Universe Online. I'm old school. I don't go 'online' to play video games with 14 year olds in Effin Ireland (that's a real place by the way.)

When I play video games I'm pretty much saying 'leave me alone.'

But kids these days like to wear their headsets and shoot at people across the globe. Fine.

From DC Universe Online...umm...online: "DC Universe Online is the only next-generation massive online action game for both the PC and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Jump into unparalleled physics-powered combat and take the power of the DC Super Heroes and villains in the palm of your hands…The Next Legend Is You!"
"Real-time online multiplayer action"

"Dynamic, physics-powered combat"

"Customize your character as you fight for good or evil"

Okay okay, that does sound like fun, I suppose.

Plus: Catwoman!

If this were available on Xbox I'd probably be playing it right now. Alas it is only on PC and PS3. Lame.


  1. Ahhhh, Effin Ireland....it's Effin beautiful there. ^_^
    I tend to agree. I dont do online gaming all that much...but I just got a PS3 and DC online is a game I need to get downloaded. The file is massive though. o_0

  2. I've been playing the PC version since it went free-to-play and it's very, very good. Thankfully you don't need to talk to anybody in the game, either, as it's perfectly solo-able.

  3. ok so do i have to buy this game on a diasc for pc or it just an online thing?

    1. From what I understand it's online only, but I've never played it so I am not positive.