Harley Qwednesday :: Warm Hands, Cold Heart

Check out these awesome custom hand-knit Harley Quinn fingerless gloves:

These are made by Casey aka 'TinyBully' and are available at her Artfire shop now for $20!

It's getting even colder out there as winter trudges on, and it's rather difficult to pull a trigger or set a bomb with chilly palms!

I asked Casey for a few words regarding her cool geeky gloves: "My shop is proof you can do what you love and make things for your people! My fellow geeks and pixies have found me and can tell their goodies are coming from a person that gets them!"

Check out TinyBully's Artfire store for these Harley Quinn gloves and even more knit gloves and hats in many different superhero, Dr. Who, Star Wars, video game and...Rammstein...motifs. You can also follow TinyBully on Twitter to find out about new creations when they hit!

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  1. Well you be getting the wife some of these Bubba?